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Our organization bought a 6x10 foot cooler trailer from in Florida. It was overpriced and shoddily constructed. It arrived with advertisements all over it (we ordered a plain white one), there was a gap in the paneling by the trailer tongue where water could get under the floor boards and into the insulation, and the refrigeration unit didn't work (a hose broke in transit because of faulty design).

The company refunded us $300 to get most of the lettering taken off, but said that the rest was our problem. They wouldn't refund us any more money, and we couldn't afford to return it because we'd had it shipped to California freight.

Now, 2 years later, we've realized that the inside paneling isn't sealed well (so you can't hose it out without water leaking through to the insulation) and some of the screws on the outside that hold the panels on are popping off.

I wouldn't trust this guy at all, don't buy from!

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Thankyou for the info. We were thinking of buying from them but not now!!

Sorry for your. BADD experience .


So, who does make a good cooler trailer?

to rt #847894

I checked out when I needed a cooler trailer for my organic tomato farm. I found him expensive and I felt like I was buying a used car.

Everything was an option. I found 3 dealers and 1 manufacturer here in Florida. I went with the small manufacturer. I saved a couple thousand on the trailer and everything is working great.

I bought my trailer in May of 2013 from American Made Products in DeLand Florida.

Small operation, but they took care of me. Good luck.

to rt #999590

I dealt with this guy a couple years ago and it was nothing but a joke. He couldn't explain much about the refrigeration and I felt like I was talking to a used car salesmen.

Not to mention his unprofessional video advertisements. I ended up ordering one from R&D Refrigerated Trailers and it has been great so far.

No issues. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional.


bought one three years ago and problems ever since yes they are junk. frame broke in front by the tounge


Happy I found this web site before I spent my money. He sounds like a hustler on the phone.


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